“A Memoir of Blessings and Kisses” ‘Best Boy’ review at the Omaha Jewish Press

Wow! A wonderful, insightful review from Annette van de Kamp-Wright, editor of my hometown Omaha Jewish Press! Thanks, Annette, for “getting” Best Boy!

Writing memoirs can be a tricky business. What happens if you bare your innermost thoughts, only to find out the readers aren’t all that interested? Sure, your friends and family will love it; they share your memories and therefore are part of your story. Besides, they love you, so they have to like it. But what about strangers? Will they be able to connect? How do you predict that? I think we’ve all read memoirs where we as the readers were left on the sidelines, looking in. As if the author has no reason to expect anything more from us, and refuses to even say ‘hello.’  …

Read the whole review here.

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