Review of “Best Boy” in Long Beach Jewish Life Magazine

Wow! Thanks to Jon Strum @LongBeachJewishLife magazine for a terrific review of “Best Boy” @JewishLightsPublishing!

Check out the review here.

“A Memoir of Blessings and Kisses” ‘Best Boy’ review at the Omaha Jewish Press

Wow! A wonderful, insightful review from Annette van de Kamp-Wright, editor of my hometown Omaha Jewish Press! Thanks, Annette, for “getting” Best Boy!

Writing memoirs can be a tricky business. What happens if you bare your innermost thoughts, only to find out the readers aren’t all that interested? Sure, your friends and family will love Read More

Ushpizin from Susie Wolfson

Ushpizin Balls from Susie Wolfson
Here’s a spectacular way to decorate your sukkah with Rosh Hashana cards – from the Malka Stewart of Jewish Living – Susie Wolfson! Chag sameach!
Ushpizin Balls from Susie Wolfson

Read More

Yom Kippur: Just A Littler Lower Than The Angels

On the High Holy Days, we all become authors. We look back on the past year, recalling our good deeds and misdeeds, and look forward to a New Year when we write the next chapter in our Book of Life. During the Ten Days of Awe-someness, the traditional liturgy assures us that teshuvah – return, tefilla – reflection, and tzedakah – righteous acts of justice will ensure a year of meaning, and purpose, belonging and blessing. The rabbis had a name for this process: cheshbon ha-nefesh, an accounting of the soul. Read More

A Good New Year!

Do you remember the excitement of the first day of the new year? As a kid in Omaha, Rosh Hashanah meant new things. Like new clothes. Mom always took me to Brandeis department store downtown to buy something new to wear for the new year…in the “husky” section. (I was a fat little kid.) We Read More

The Power of Stories to Shape Identity and Revitalize Community

Hey everyone! Here’s a new post about the power of stories to shape our identity and revitalize community: Read More

Here’s a great idea for celebrating the High Holy Days from Susie Wolfson’s Recipes for Memories scrapbook:

On the second day of Rosh Hashana when our kids were in preschool, we celebrated tashlikh – the “casting off of the bad behaviors” into a body of water by talking about which ones we wanted to get rid of – yelling, fighting, not sharing, hurting, hating, bullying, pushing. We then helped the kids write Read More

“Best Boy” Review by Jack Riemer

THE BEST BOY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by Ron Wolfson, Jewish Lights, Woodstock, Vt. 2015, 178 pages, $19.99

Reviewed by Jack Riemer

I love this book.

I love it for several reasons. The first is: when did you last read a Jewish book that was absolutely hilarious from the first page Read More

Be the Best!

It’s true there may be only one ‘Best Picture’ a year, but my Russian immigrant grandfather – I called him ‘Zaydie’ – understood there is never only one ‘Best Grandchild.’ This is what Zaydie accomplished in telling each of his nine grandchildren we were the ‘best boy’ or ‘best girl’ in the United States of America. In calling us ‘the best,’ we were called to be the best. The message was: Aspire to be the best human being you can be. And isn’t that the best goal of a life well-lived?” Read More

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