Creating warm and wonderful memories helps shape Jewish identity. This is a place to share creative ideas for Jewish celebration.

Ushpizin from Susie Wolfson

Here’s a spectacular way to decorate your sukkah with Rosh Hashana cards – from the Malka Stewart of Jewish Living – Susie Wolfson! Chag sameach!
Ushpizin Balls from Susie Wolfson

Here’s a great idea for celebrating the High Holy Days from Susie Wolfson’s Recipes for Memories scrapbook:

tashlichOn the second day of Rosh Hashana when our kids were in preschool, we celebrated tashlikh – the “casting off of the bad behaviors” into a body of water by talking about which ones we wanted to get rid of – yelling, fighting, not sharing, hurting, hating, bullying, pushing. We then helped the kids write the words on slices of white bread. Then, we joined a group of friends that afternoon and walked to a nearby stream where we tore the pieces and threw them into the water. The birds loved it. We took a photo of the activity and printed it on postcards for our New Year’s greeting card the following year. 
Check back here before each holiday for another creative idea…and share your ideas here!
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